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Barry, Wendy & Katy Kombi
1978 Devon Moonraker
Devon Conversions Ltd. produced a number of camper van conversions based on the VolkswagenAG Van. If you are looking for VW Devon Moonraker information this is the site for you.
Check out the Devon Brochures section of this site as I have various brochures and printed material spanning most of the Devon conversions on Bays and some of the Split Screen conversions.

The rest is an attempt to put together information gained on Katy since Wendy and myself purchased Katy in November 2003.
We had big problems trying to get information about our VW Camper and her interior conversion.
It was not until I joined the JustKampers Forum that I managed to find out just what we had. Thanks to most everyone on JK!
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Barry Carpenter
Barry Carpenter in my street gear!
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Wendy Carpenter

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Wendy Carpenter

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